Corel Painter 11 - новая версия цифровой изостудии для тех, кто готов расширить свое определение творчества. Это самое мощное в мире программное обеспечение для рисования и оформления, в котором доступны инструменты Natural-Media, представляющие собой уникальные цифровые кисти, материалы и текстуры для художественного оформления, имитирующие внешний вид и впечатления, создаваемые их реальными прототипами. Раскройте ваш творческий потенциал! Работая с Corel Painter 11, вы получаете наиболее полную арт-студию, которая дает вам инструменты для создания беспрецедентных произведений искусства.

Название: Corel Painter 11.0.016 + Portable
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык интерфейса: английский
Размер: 117 Мб | 234 Мб
Активация: есть

Expand your creativity with Painter 11, the most inventive digital painting software on the market. By adding Painter to your workflow, you gain a full art studio that gives you the tools to create unprecedented artwork. Digital art tools let you experiment with color theory, composition and brush strokes, without the toxins, mess and expenses associated with traditional art.

Support for the entire Wacom product line, including industry-leading Cintiq pens and Intuos drawing tablets, gives you the most responsive digital painting experience so your hand and brush work fluidly as one. Customizable paper textures give your art added artistic undertones, plus a level of texture and detail that no other digital painting or photo-painting tools can produce. Painter is changing what's possible in art. Now it's your turn.

Enhance the Creative Process
- Enhanced Artistic Media reproduce the texture of their real-life counterparts and intensify color with each stroke
- Pen and drawing tablet (recommended), combined with Painter's RealBristle brushes, recreate the natural interaction between hand and canvas
- New Hard Media Controls let you create your own hard media variants, or choose from new hard media variants in the Brush Library

Go Beyond the Digital Darkroom
- Improved color recognition for files imported from Adobe Photoshop, and individual color profiles per document, make your colors more precise
- Photo-painting tools with SmartStroke technology let you creatively transform reality
- Customizable surface texturing gives your art a level of fantasy and detail that other photo and painting software can't deliver

Learn from Unlimited Experimentation
- Digital art tools let you experiment with color theory, composition and brush strokes without the toxins, mess and expenses associated with traditional art
- New Hard Media controls give you the flexibility to play around to find the exact look you desire
- Smart composition tools, such as Divine Proportion and the Rule of Thirds and Fifths, help you visually arrange your canvas to create perfect compositions

New Features
Color management includes individual color profiles per document and improved color recognition for imported files, which result in better color matches. Having fewer color corrections to make streamlines your workflow. In addition, the fresh, simplified interface for color-management operations makes it easier to control color profiles when you create or open files.

Hard Media variants include pencils, chalk, markers, and pens that mimic the behavior of their traditional counterparts more accurately than the tools of any other software!
• Pencils and Chalks - You can control shading by changing the angle of your pen on the drawing tablet. As with conventional pencils and chalk, you can use the tip for drawing and the side of the nib for shading.
• Markers - You can intensify color with each marker
stroke. This feature lets you use one continuous shade or
a buildup of color.
• Pens - You can create fine pen strokes, or thick strokes and ink deposits, by changing the stroke velocity. The faster you go, the thinner the line; the slower you go, the thicker the line.

Transformation capabilities are combined in a centralized tool, improving the ease and efficiency of transforming images. The new Transform tool offers convenient property bar buttons that let users quickly switch between the Move, Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort, and Perspective Distortion modes.

Enhanced Features
Brushes perform as much as 30% faster than the previous version, creating a more true-to-life painting speed.
Brush controls let you change the width of your strokes by adjusting the angle of your pen when you work with a drawing tablet. Now, shading by hand feels more natural than ever.
Selection tools include a new Polygonal mode for the Lasso tool, plus overall improvements to marquee tools and the Magic Wand, which lets you make more nimble selections on your first try.
The Colors palette lets you adjust colors manually with sliders and enlarge the palette up to 800 pixels for a clearer view of colors. You can now also fine-tune the Hue Ring with the keyboard arrow keys, so it takes less time to find the perfect color.

The Mixer palette and swatches give you more color options. Extra mixer swatches appear when you enlarge the newly resizable Mixer palette. You can enlarge the palette to make colors more accessible and provide a clearer view of your chosen color. When you no longer need to mix colors, you can reduce the size of the palette so that it uses less screen space.

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