Microsoft 0ffice 2007 SP1 BLACK EDITION - Целое , новое поколение Office 2007.В этом проекте попытались здлеать office 2007 легким в использовании и более производительным.

Интегрированы SP1 + все обновления 2009г. Добавлена возможность сохранения в форматах PDF и XPS. Выбор устанавливаемых компонентов присутствует.

В состав вошли:
Microsoft Office Access
Microsoft Office Excel
Microsoft Office Groove
Microsoft Office InfoPath
Microsoft Office OneNote
Microsoft Office Outlook
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Microsoft Office Publisher
Microsoft Office Word
Общие средства Office
Средства Office
Средство просмотра Microsoft Office Visio

Системные требования: Windows XP SP2 / Windows 2003 SP1 / Vista; P3 500 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 2Гб свободного места

- Enterprise edition pre-activated from an admin install point.
- Suitable for XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 - x86 or x64 (Vista users will probably have to install from an administrator account).
- SP1 included and installs automatically.
- Classic Menus for Office 2007(uninstallable), because let’s face it, ribbons are difficult to navigate.
- Black theme and other registry tweaks applied.
- Pre-installed add-ins for productivity.
- Updates without problem, and PASSES OGA VALIDATION, so templates or addins can be downloaded without hassle.

- Access
- Excel
- Groove
- InfoPath
- OneNote
- Outlook
- PowerPoint
- Publisher
- Visio Viewer
- Word

- Classic Menus for Office
- Office Live Beta
- Office Math
- Save As PDF or XPS

Changelog for 1.4:
- Completely overhauled OGA. Fixed bug for users who had office previously installed. Updated to OGA v1.7.
- Added Office Live Beta. Vista, 2008, and 7 users will have to install certain hotfixes for their respective systems, but these will be downloaded automatically during install. Internet connection required.

Changelog for 1.3:
- Made installiation customizable. Hit the custom button and install whatever you need, instead of the whole Enterprise package.
- Removed setup completeion notification.
- Added two new add-ins: Save as PDF or XPS and Office Math.
- Moved extracted files back to .

Changelog for 1.2:
- The first version updated fine, but did not pass OGA validation. This release does pass.
- Small bug was found that caused the installer to extract its contents twice to the temp folder, taking twice as long to extract and twice as much space, hence most of the "it's not installing" complaints.

(the package still extracts it's contents before setup, which causes a slight delay before you'll notice the setup running on screen. Takes ~ 1 minute.)